The Prodigal Daughter

Wow.  I knew I hadn’t posted in a long time, I just didn’t realize how long.  Life has certainly caught up to me and brought so much with it since August of last year.  I have decided to start blogging again, and I hope to make this a wonderful outlet once more for my thoughts.  I will be having lots of things to discuss.

I currently have a couple drafts that I have been trying to work on for over a year, and those will post soon enough.  Today, I am merely trying to get the blog caught up.

Here is a small list of things that have happened while I’ve been away:

•Our church hosted an outreach last fall.  We set up the band downtown, and they played lots of positive, worshipful music.  This was no ordinary outreach – it was an arts outreach.  It was named “Spirit of the Arts”, and we shared God’s love and redemptive power through song, dance, painting, drawing, writing, and skits.  It was wonderful.

•Last September I was fortunate to be the matron of honor at my cousin/best friend’s beautiful outdoor wedding.  It was such a laid back and fun event.

•In October I found out I was expecting a little one.  After a fairly easy pregnancy (aside from a pretty significant case of acid reflux) and a difficult 37 hour labor (more on that later) I welcomed the love of my life-my daughter R-into the world and my heart in July.


•Dear Husband and I moved out of an apartment and into a very cute little trailer.  It is very small, but it works well for the 3 of us so far.

•Dear Husband found a full time job as a library assistant at a local high school.

•After nine weeks off from work on leave with my precious baby, I turned in a notice yesterday.  I have decided to resign my position as a teacher to infants to focus on spending as much time as possible with my own.


And so much more.  I look forward to blogging more often now that I am a homemaker (how crazy!)

Little one is up from her nap, it’s mama milk time.  Goodbye until soon!


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