31 Days of Blogging – Day 5

Sorry that this is a little late, my internet was down yesterday.  I did however still do my writing and saved it on my word processor, so you all still get a Day 5 memory.  Yay!

I thought since I’ve been up with the munchkin since 3 am and she doesn’t seem to have any interest in going back to sleep, I’d go ahead and post.  So, without further ado, another memory:

Four years ago, in April to be exact, I started volunteering at a new community theatre. I have been involved with theatre in one way or another since I was fourteen. I have acted a handful of times, but I am primarily what is known as a techie. More specifically stage managing is my gift in the theatrical world.

I had recently stage-managed a show for my friend S and he asked me to be the assistant stage manager on a show he was getting ready to direct in this other theatre community. I jumped at the chance – I had wanted to get involved with this company before he asked, but did not really have an “in”. It was also closer to where I lived than where I was volunteering at the time. I agreed and we set about planning meetings and auditions.

I was asked to help during the audition process – I took names, handed out sides and other paperwork, and generally gave out information to the folks who were coming out for the show. S also invited me to watch some of the auditions.

My good friend D and I sat in on an audition for a group scene – three actors were taking turns reading three different roles so that S could decide who fit which role best.

D and I took notice of one particularly enthusiastic actor. I can only describe him as a human cartoon. His physical comedy was top-notch, and he really had control of the language (I forgot to mention that this particular company is a Shakespeare company). Not only was he hilarious, but D and I made an observation – something about his movements and the way he looked reminded us of a smurf. We thought this was a hoot, and agreed that we hoped S would cast him because he was very entertaining.

Little did I know that the Smurf would one day be my husband and the father of my sweet and expressive baby. How that came to be is another story, or maybe many stories, and will be told sometime this month.


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