31 Days of Blogging – Day 6

Internet was better for a short time yesterday, but then went down again.  Pretty frustrating, I do a lot of work on my computer.  But the wi-fi is actually offered free through our landlord, so I guess beggars can’t be choosers.  Anyway, I do have a memory for day 6 (yesterday).  I’m currently at my mother’s house using her wi-fi.  Good thing she lives about 5 minutes away from me.  Although, it is still quite the production to get the baby, all the stuff I need for the baby, and my computer over here.  But, I’ve done it!  Ha!


My first memory is less a memory than it is a snapshot.  I am three years old, I am in the grocery store, and I look up and see the can falling towards my face.  You see, my first memory is a traumatic experience.  Unlike the goat story, this was legitimately traumatic.  I believe the only reason I remember it, as it happened before an age when most remember things, is because it was such a scary experience.

Still, I don’t remember the impact.  All I see when I think about it is the can in mid-air, coming toward me.  A frozen moment in time.  Perhaps I don’t actually remember it, maybe I’ve just heard the story too many times.

When I was three years old, a can fell off of the top shelf in the grocery store and cut me right underneath my left eye.  It was bad enough that I needed stitches.  I can’t recall the trip over or how the adults reacted, but my next memory is even more frightening.  I can still feel the arms of nurses, or maybe even my parents, holding me down while I screamed.  I feel whatever it was the doctor put over my face to help him stitch me up, and that unnerving smell of disinfectant.  I still don’t like anything over my face – not even masks or bed sheets.

I also don’t do well if I’m held down or told to lay still during procedures.  I had a panic attack when prepping for the Caesarian that brought little Boo-Bear into the world.  That is a story for another time.


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