31 Days of Blogging – Day 7

The internet at the house is finally behaving again!  Thank goodness, because I had about 170 unread emails when I went to my Ma’s house today.  That was quite a hassle to get through all at once – I’m glad to be able to check them at home and not have to drag baby girl back and forth too much.

On to the memory!

(And I haven’t forgotten my promise to figure out a freebie for all my lovely subscribers present and future.)

Today’s memory is a recent one.  In fact, it is a story about this afternoon.  After I got back home from visiting my Ma’s house to use her wi-fi, I fed my sweet baby and she was in a smiley mood.  I walked around the house, showed her the photos on the walls (she was especially entranced by the photos of Daddy’s childhood), and then we went and sat in the glider in her room.

My 3 month old loves to stand up.  She thinks it is so much fun for me to hold her while she puts her feet on my thighs.  She thinks she is Queen of all that she surveys.  She isn’t exactly wrong about that.  I had her standing on my thighs as we rocked, and I thought it would be funny to play a variation of peek-a-boo.  I turned my head to the side and said, “Is that Mama’s…” then jerked my face toward hers and finished, “Big girl!”  She laughed out loud.

I continued with this game, and each time she squealed in delight.  It was so cute and she was so full of life and joy.  I even got in on the laughs – we were having quite the cooing and giggling fit.

It was such a wonderful moment – one that I wish I could just bottle up.  I would put it on a close shelf and take it down whenever life gets to be too much.

I cherish my moments with that sweet baby.  Even when I am exhausted, emotional, and overwhelmed.  She is my precious gift.


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