Get to Know Me

So, thanks to this 31 Days Adventure, I have had lots of new readers and visitors to the blog.  So, I thought I would put up an informative “about me” post.  So, who am I?

You may or may not have visited by About Me page.  It is very simple and doesn’t have that much about my story.  It’s a short blurb for anyone just passing through.

So, a few other posts that you may find helpful when getting to know me:

Why I choose to follow Christ and a little about faith.

My story that I had typed out a long time ago before my writing evolved.  There is much more to it.  I hope to talk more about parts of my story.  That is what my 31 Days of Memories is about.

Here’s a little bit about my heart.

What it felt like to be single and a guest post by my husband about getting married.

A confession.

I would be happy if you would click around to get to know me more.  I also really enjoy feedback, so if you feel led to comment please do!

Also – don’t forget about the Craftsy Flash Sale and the subscriber freebie I’ve posted!

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