31 Days of Blogging – Day 13

I wake up in a panic.  The baby was supposed to sleep in my room tonight.  Where is the baby?  Oh no, is it crawling on the ceiling again?  It’s on the ceiling, I’ll get in trouble!

I’m so disoriented and can’t make out anything in the dark.  I’m sweating and my heart is pounding and I am trying to throw off my comforter while still half asleep.  The movement finally helps me to wake up fully.  Now I am scared and confused.

There is no baby.  My little brother is eight years old.  I don’t have another sibling, and at eleven years old I certainly don’t have a baby myself.  Why is it that I constantly wake up with these weird thoughts?

Later on, when I’m around thirteen or fourteen, I read an article in a magazine about a girl who has strange obsessive thoughts from out of the blue about a little girl being stuck inside the radiator in her home.  That sounds like me.  The article is about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

6 thoughts on “31 Days of Blogging – Day 13

  1. Oh I know so much more about OCD than I wish I did. My mom had some very severe anxiety when I was about 12-13 years old and was first diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder, but that wasn’t really the problem. She got into counselling and eventually was properly diagnosed with OCD. It was absolute hell for her and hell on my father and I at times living with her mental illness. When she was first diagnosed, it was a steep learning curve for the whole family (including my mom), because OCD was a relatively unheard of mental illness. I’m so sorry you’ve had to deal with that. Although I was around my mom’s illness, I can only imagine some of the thoughts that went through her head in the middle of the night. Thank you for being brave enough to share this. It’s so important to shine a light on these kinds of things. ((((hugs))))

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