31 Days of Blogging – Day 14

Today is my first day teaching Spanish to the preschoolers at the early education center where I used to work (before I started being a work-at-home mama).  So I thought I’d go ahead and put up my memory blog for the day!

This will be a memory in pictures.  My husband and I went to Charleston, S.C. in 2013 to celebrate our one year anniversary.  Below are several photos from the trip.  Enjoy!


For some reason when we go on trips, I love taking pictures of The Nerd when he’s driving.


We took a carriage ride – a Civil War Tour carriage ride to be exact.  The Nerd has that name for a reason – he has a degree in history, so I thought this would be a great tour for us!  It was informative and awesome!

IMG_1990 IMG_1998 IMG_2010 IMG_2014 IMG_2015 IMG_2016IMG_2021

This pink house was for sale.  We joked that we should buy it (you, know, with our librarian and day care teacher salaries) and move to Charleston.

IMG_2028IMG_2022 IMG_2033 IMG_2032

It was a very windy day that day!

This trip was a great way to celebrate our anniversary and a very relaxing getaway.  I actually took less pictures than I meant to.  Actually, I always seem to do that on trips.  I get so caught up in being and doing I don’t think to take many photos.  I guess I’d rather just live the experience, whether or not I have evidence of it later.  I hope to go back to Charleston when Boo-Bear is a little older.  It’s one of my favorite places to visit!


6 thoughts on “31 Days of Blogging – Day 14

  1. My husband and I are going to Charleston in April, and I’m SO excited! Besides the carriage ride, what else did you enjoy? I’m excited to try the restaurants 🙂 Any recommendations?

    • So, I’m such a geek, I still have our itinerary saved to my computer – lucky you!

      I would definitely say check out the Market and walk around downtown. We also went to Patriot’s Point, which was cool if you like educational/historical stuff. There’s a place on Sullivan’s Island called Café Medley that’s really good. We also like Slightly North of Broad which is downtown and really, really good.

      Don’t know if you’re interested in things like this, but the second oldest synagogue is in Charleston, and it is beautiful. Kabal Kadesh Beth Elohim – it’s on Hasell Street.

      Finally, we also did a walking tour of Charleston. I’ll copy and paste it here for you in case you are interested:

      Start at corner of S. Market and Meeting Street

      Head South on Meeting Street to Broad Street (St. Michael’s Church, City Hall, U.S. Court House and Post Office on the corner)

      Turn Left on Broad to E. Bay Street (Old Exchange on corner)

      Turn Right on E. Bay St., go past “Rainbow Row” (Fort Sumter in the distance on your left) to White Point Garden a.k.a. “the Battery”

      Go to the gazebo in the middle of the park. Directly in front of you is Meeting Street (B & B called Two Meeting Street Inn on the corner). Go up Meeting. On right side of street, No. 16 (Calhoun Mansion) is the largest house in Charleston. 34 Meeting is Georgian architecture with earthquake bolts. 51 Meeting is the Nathaniel-Russell House. You’ll also see First Scots Presbyterian Church. Go to Tradd Street

      Turn Right on Tradd Street. You can see both rivers on this street. Go one block to Church Street.

      Turn Left on Church Street. 87 Church St. is Heyward-Washington house, where George Washington stayed. Stay on Church past Broad Street. Street snakes around St. Philip’s Episcopal Church (this is the French Quarter). Pass Dock Street Theatre and a Hugenot Church. When you reach the Market, the tour is over!

      I know that is TONS of info, but I love Charleston, and you asked. 🙂

      Hope you have an awesome time!

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