31 Days of Blogging – Day 17

I am currently sitting in my Ma’s living room to type this post.  Our internet has been going in and out the past couple of days, and I am having a hard time getting things done!  So, Boo-Bear and I have made the five minute journey so I can catch up.

My Ma lives in the house that used to belong to my Pappaw and Granny.  She inherited it when Pappaw passed away eight or nine years ago.  A good deal of my childhood passed by here.  I’ve already mentioned that I used to stay here while my mom worked full-time.  All my afternoons and summers for the first ten years of my life were spent here.

Since I am here today, I have some memories going in and out of my head, so I think I’ll focus on that.

My favorite memory is of summer nights.  The temperature was a little cooler, and we would sit on the front porch and talk, or we kids would run around on the huge grassy hill in front of the house.  So much wide open space to run and tumble and just be.

The best part was catching lightnin’ bugs (fireflies).  We would chase one another around, then stop and very carefully hold out our hands so we could cup one and capture it for a small time.  We’d hold them, or put them in jars, or release them back into the sky to illumine the night.  Summer always made me feel a little more carefree.


5 thoughts on “31 Days of Blogging – Day 17

  1. I was so excited to visit the south this summer and catch a few lightening bugs! It reminded me of my childhood. How fortunate that your family is so close to you and that they’e always been there for you!

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