Day 1 – A roof

When R was first born, we were renting a teeny tiny trailer.  It was very cute, but our lives felt very cluttered.  She was small, and it was big enough for the three of us.  As it was getting closer to time for use to renew our lease, I felt that it was no longer the place for us.  R was growing, and renting is so very expensive.  I felt as if we were throwing money away.  We talked about purchasing a home, but we weren’t sure that we were in a place to make that possible.

One day we were discussing our desire to buy a home with The Nerd’s parents, and they offered to gift us with the down payment.  Family had done the same for them when they first bought a home, and they too felt like this was the right move for us.  I am so grateful that they could be so giving.  We went to work to find the right place, and closed on our home in February.

And so, I know write this post sitting in my third bedroom, which is currently the study/sewing and crafting room/computer room – and one day may be a bedroom for a second child.  I love my home.  We prayed that we would find the right place for us, and we certainly did.  We are one county over from where we were living before, and I LOVE the area.  We have an acre of land and a fenced in area for R to play in with the dog.  Oh, we also adopted a dog.  It was our gift to R for her first birthday – because we saw how much she loves animals.

This house is great, and my family certainly makes it a home.  It is a constant mess, but it is mine.  I couldn’t have asked for a better place to raise my daughter.  But, mostly, I am grateful that I have a place to be safe.  A clean place to sleep.  Running water.  So many people in the world are missing these basic comforts – and I am saddened that this is the case.  I don’t want to take this blessing for granted.



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