Day 3 – Snuggles

My daughter is such a snuggly little bug.  I have to admit, she gets it honest.  The Nerd and I are pretty touchy feely – physical touch is definitely our love language.

Today she is 15 months old, which is hard to believe.  I’m one of those weird moms who doesn’t get all wistful at the time that has passed.  I haven’t yet felt like saying “She’s growing up too fast!” because I like that she is growing up.  That’s what she’s supposed to do.  She finds out new things about the world every day, and in turn I find out more about her.  I love it.  Although, talk to me when she’s heading to college and I may change my tune.  😉

Today there is a vendor craft event, and I am selling some items.  I haven’t discussed it here (because I just haven’t been in a blogging place recently) but I have recently started to enjoy sewing.  I’ve had my machine a couple years, and have made this and that – but I’m really starting to get into making clothing items.  I especially enjoy working on children’s items.  I wouldn’t call myself a “professional” yet, but I thought I’d try my hand as a vendor and see how it goes.

I have been working very hard to sew when I get the chance – but with a toddler around the house, work time is hard to fit in.  Yes, I am a stay at home mom so I’m here all day – but unless R is taking a nap, I don’t have much time to attend to my crafting.

I will be honest – I have been feeling very overwhelmed lately.  Getting read for the craft fair is only part of it.  R is teething, so her sleep schedule is sometimes good, sometimes horrid.  And, that’s okay – bones forcing their way through soft tissue?  Yikes, I wouldn’t want to go through it again.  I’m tired, I’m trying to pay attention to her and enjoy her, I’m trying to sew at any possible free moment, and I’m trying to keep the house in order (and that last one…well…let’s just say I won’t get a Homemaker of the Year award.)  And, when Boo Bear fought her nap yesterday afternoon for almost 35 minutes (when she usually goes down on her own just fine) – I honestly felt like throwing in the towel.

I picked her up from her crib, blinking away tears, and walked into the living room.  I put her on the ground to play, and I just fell onto the couch.  Exhausted.  Defeated.  I still had so much to do for the show.  I knew The Nerd was getting home early and that R wouldn’t nap at all once he got home.  I was afraid she’d be upset and cranky in the evening.  I hadn’t even given dinner a thought.  All I wanted to do was stay there…as long as possible.

R stood next to the couch, looked up at me – and raised her arms for me to get her.  And I did.  I picked her up, and she scooted next to me.  She started softly babbling at me, and it was so nice and so tender.  Then, she put her head up against mine, which is what she does to show love.  She’ll lay next to the dog on the dog bed and do it.  She often will do this to me in the morning while saying “Hi!”  She just stayed on the couch with me for several minutes.  She gave me kisses.  She laughed.  She smiled.  Those snuggles were…amazing.  After a few minutes, I felt so much better.  I didn’t feel like I was failing her.  My sweet girl is such a gift.  Her loving spirit is amazing.


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