Day 4 – Cloth Diapers!

I’m sure there might be readers thinking that I’m crazy for adding this as a gift.  Then, there may be some mamas nodding their heads in agreement.

Back story: When I worked in child care, I really didn’t like dealing with cloth diapers.  We had a handful of children that came through using them, and the sanitation hoops we had to jump through made diaper changes drawn-out.  I didn’t complain, per se, but I didn’t really like dealing with it.  Especially prefolds and covers (not that I even knew to call them that back then.)

I swore up and down that I would not cloth diaper.  Sure, it seemed good for the environment, but what about all that water usage?  I would stick to my sposies, thankyouverymuch.

Then I had a child.  Disposables were great for a while, because we were stocked up thanks to our numerous showers.  The trash smelled awful, but it wasn’t that bad.  Then we got to the point where we were buying diapers ourselves.  Man, they are expensive!  Technically we could afford to keep buying them, but I’ve been working at being more frugal since I stay at home with R and we only have one income.  I decided to try to cut spending where I could.  And that led me to thinking – could I cloth diaper?  Would it be worth it?

I did tons of research – and I ultimately decided it was a good fit for us.  It’s honestly just an extra load of laundry every couple of days.  Sure, I had to make a fairly large purchase at first to start my stash, but the savings every month are great.  And – they have resale value!  What’s not to love?

Also, they are just too darn cute.  I am thankful I felt the nudge to try – I feel like I’m helping my family and the environment.  And my baby’s booty is adorable.


4 thoughts on “Day 4 – Cloth Diapers!

  1. My baby is 14 years old and I DEFINITELY did not cloth diaper. But now I have a new niece who IS cloth diapered and I can see why people get so addicted to all the cute patterns! They are so much easier now that they snap and Velcro.

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