Day 6 – Literature

I am a lit nerd through and through.  When I first found out The Nerd was a librarian, before we were anything more than acquaintances working on a production, I got so excited.  I jumped up and down.  “How cool!” I thought, “I’d love being a librarian!”  He looked at my like I had grown a second head.

When I was in college, there was a time when I considered switching my major to Literature and Language.  I thought maybe I could be an English teacher.  However, I felt the pressure to pursue a more marketable major (or at least what I thought would be one at the time.)  I loved Psychology, and I still do.  I also minored in Spanish, so I still got to focus on literature, even if it wasn’t in English.

I love a good book.  I love poetry.  I love to write.  God has created us as vessels of some amazing talent.  A well written book can speak to me in lots of ways.  I often have talked about how I can find Him even in those things marked “secular”.  There is a little truth sprinkled everywhere.

Here’s a list of some of my recent/current/future reads:


Just finished reading this book.  It’s a fascinating look into the funeral home industry.  Doughty also has a lot to say about our culture’s view of death, and how it has changed over time.  It sounds morbid, but it is actually a fascinating and heartfelt look at death – something we will all experience.


Re-reading this for the third time (I think!).  I began reading this book last week for Banned Books Week.  I’m a big fan of John Green’s YA fiction.  He doesn’t talk down to teenagers, and he always has his characters involved in interesting situations.


This is the show my husband is currently rehearsing.  I’ve been helping him run lines.  It is so funny, if you ever get a chance to see this show, you should!  You could also watch the Hitchcock film, which we own and love.


Reading this book is pretty high on my to-do list.


8 thoughts on “Day 6 – Literature

  1. Love reading but get so little opportunity these days. There can definitely be gems of truth and ways that God speaks through all sorts of seemingly unlikely books.

  2. I haven’t read any of these, but I definitely share your love for the written word! Libraries are awesome to explore–though I never considered being a librarian. Somehow I always heard you had to be in school a really long time to be a librarian, and that turned me off. I majored in Mandarin Chinese instead, ha!

    • Yes, in order to get a good Head Librarian job you need to get your Master’s. And it’s SO MUCH research.

      Mandarin Chinese – I love it! I love learning languages, but that’s one I’ve yet to tackle.

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