Day 8 – The Twin

My best friend is my cousin.  We are only a few weeks apart, so we grew up together.  We are practically twins (and honestly, we think there is a conspiracy between our mothers and we actually are twins.)  We have done it all – played together as kids, worked together, gone to church together, worked on theatre together…you name it!

We’ve gone through lots of big changes side by side.  I got married in 2012.  She got married in 2013.  I had R in 2014.  She had her handsome son this year (her first biological son – her husband has a child from a previous relationship who she 100% claims as her own).  We both bought houses earlier this year, and we only live about 15 minutes from one another.

We’ve had our ups and downs during the years, as any true relationship will, but she has always been there for me.  She’s great to bounce ideas off of, very encouraging, and the only person I can watch hours of 21 Jump Street with (the original television show, NOT the terrible movies).

Just this week she and I were discussing how we’d love to be involved in a good women’s Bible study, but it’s hard for us.  We’ve been part of small group and study groups before but we always felt like we didn’t quite fit in with those groups.  We’re, artsy, we’re messy.  While others would talk about their struggles with just not spending enough time in the Word, we were trying not to have suicidal thoughts.  She was dealing with sin that is usually considered a “man’s sin”, and I was striving not to delve into self-injury.

I’m not saying that those women’s struggles were not significant to them by any means.  But when we would talk about our fears and our fights, we would get weird looks.  I think many people believe that Christians cannot be depressed, and if they are it must mean they are doing something wrong.  This makes it hard for people in that situation, because on top of feeling hopeless they begin to feel worthless.  Those looks and silence caused me to be less open, which I felt defeated the purpose of communing and sharing.  Since our experiences have been uncomfortable and not very fruitful, we decided to go through a study together.  Just the two of us – sharing and hoping to grow closer to Christ.

So, today we grabbed lunch, I left R with her as I got a (much-needed) hair cut, and then we drove out to the Christian book store to find a study to begin.  We found one we felt would be good for us and bought the workbooks.  I’m excited to see how this will go.  I think it is much-needed for both of us!


The Twin on her wedding day.  The shirt reads “GAME OVER”.  What a joker!

hehehe (2)

I mean, we have to be sisters, am I right?




8 thoughts on “Day 8 – The Twin

  1. How beautiful that you have a ‘twin’ and best friend! There are others out there who share your worries, doubts and angst–may the Bible study that you do together turn into something unconventional that will bless the seekers (and you’re right–Christians DO suffer from depression–the devil works hardest against those he thinks he’s losing).

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    • We chose Beth Moore’s “Children of the Day” Thessalonians study. We wanted to do a book-specific study, and we have done Beth Moore studies before and have enjoyed them and been challenged and encouraged. 🙂

  3. I have felt the same thing. For years I hid my depression and anxiety because it felt so un-Christian. I mean, Christians are supposed to be full of peace and joy, right? I would love to be in Bible study with you and we could be open and honest and messy together. I just did “Children of the Day” last year. It’s a good one. I love Beth Moore!

    • It took me a long time to understand that my troubles, while not ideal, do not make me any less of a Christian, and I’m glad I’m beginning to be honest and open. I’m looking forward to this study!

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