Day 10 – My Sewing Machine

When I was in elementary school, a local university(actually, the university I would later graduate from) used to offer interesting classes for gifted kids during the summer.  One year I took a cartooning class, as well as a crafting class.  In the crafting class we learned to hand sew a pillow.  Mine was in the shape of a butterfly and it turned out pretty good, considering an eight year old kid made it.

And that was the last time I sewed for several years.  Every once in a while I would replace a button, help with a small repair or hem in the theatre, little things like that.  But I never had a desire to sew.

Then, a couple of years ago, I became interested in quilting.  I borrowed a sewing machine (which I’d never used before) and I made a quilt out of some old t-shirts I no longer wore but wanted to keep in some form.  Then I made another.  And another.  I decided I wanted my own sewing machine for said projects.  So, my mother decided to gift me with one.  I honestly don’t remember the occasion, because I’ve had mommy brain for a little while, but I believe it was a Christmas present.

I’ve worked on several projects, and made some clothes for R.  I’m really enjoying the process.  As I’ve already mentioned, I have started a small handmade business to supplement our income a little.  I’m so happy to finally be in a place where I feel that I can do that.  I feel truly blessed to have this gift from my mother to give me a nice hobby and a way to bring in some extra money.

Some things I’ve made:

IMG_2658 20151006_104900 116 (2) 20151006_10481210376731_891103260358_538369564961513398_n


6 thoughts on “Day 10 – My Sewing Machine

  1. I took sewing in high school which I didn’t love b/c I wanted to take shop. But back then, girls were not allowed to take shop. But then when I became a mom, the sewing skills I learned came in handy. . . . You’ve made a nice variety of things. How awesome that you can now use that skill to supplement your income.

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  3. Cute stuff! In gradeschool and early highschool I had to sew my own clothes so I kinda went on a strike when I grew up and didnt’ sew for a long time. Now, I enjoy it again.

  4. I absolutely love sewing! I wanted a sewing machine my whole life, and bought one for myself as a graduation present when I finished college. I had to get rid of it when we moved overseas, but I look forward to having another one someday!

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