Day 18 – Things That Soothe

I usually try to take the time to write before now, but we’ve had a rough 24 hours.  R is getting lots of teeth in all at once, and I think her molars are coming in as well.

Last night she became very tired and fussy right before bedtime, and we honestly thought she might be coming down with something.  She had a slight fever too.  This morning she was still a little clingy, and at church I ended up having to go be with her in the nursery because she was getting frustrated and sad while playing because she was in so much pain.

So today, in no particular order, I am thankful for things that have helped soothe her: Ice, acetaminophen, teething rings, stuffed animals, nursing, snuggles, playing ball with daddy, music and rest.


One thought on “Day 18 – Things That Soothe

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