Day 20 – Sea Creatures

Have you ever really studied the sea?  It’s so vast, and so much of it is still undiscovered!  That blows my mind.

There are so many interesting sea creatures, each with its own unique feature.  I adore sea life.  Going to the aquarium is one of my favorite past times.  Most of the trips I have taken with my husband since getting married have included aquarium trips.

We took R on her first trip to the aquarium last month.  She enjoyed it.  I don’t know if she was as awed as I usually am, but she loved looking at all the fish.

All the unique creatures remind me of God’s majesty and creativity.  He made each of these awesome creatures and he made me.  Humbling and inspiring.


R and jellyfish.


R and The Nerd…and lots of fish!

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